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  Kain -

  Lives in

  He does not
love the monotonous music, and so does their own compositions in different

  As to
beliefs, he does not smoke and does not use the alcohol a drink, prefers the
sound  lifestyle; believes in united god.

basically on English.


Kain: as I began
to sing.

childhood I looked the telecasts, in which sang the miscellaneous a people, and
I dreamed that someday I shall too sing and write the music.

  Since 8
years I tried to do their own canto, wrote them in rough copy.

  Played on
synthesizer, and guitar.

  Once upon a
time I was going to with power and came to do, music tracks.

  But many of
them not to presented nothing serious.

  When I
began to understand, what pour the music and goes the rhythm, I have done
several, good track. It Then was long practised with voice, sang the canto
other singer.

understanding what canto must be.

further all gradually came....

Login: Kain_De_Fiance

In group: the Vocal, a guitar, the author of all songs.
Residence: Europe
Date of birth: 1 Martha
Zodiac sign: Fishes
Growth: 1,67
Weight: -
The size of a foot: 42
Clothing size: M
Colour of eyes: Gray-blue.
Hair colour: Pepelno-fair-haired.
Hobby: Music to make video, to write programs and games, fighting, swords.
Piercing/tatu: no, tatu - the sign.
The favourite actor/actress: Nicolas Cage, Arnold Shvartsneger, Jim Keri, a Jackie the Tub.
Favourite films: Bruce Vsemogushchy, Terminator (all parts), the illusive racer, round light for 80 days, Smollwil (serial)
Favourite group/executor: Deep Purple, Ledzepln, Michael Jackson, Scorpiens, Status Quo, Evropa.
Favourite books: Gifts of Magicians, Adventures robinzone kruzo.
Favourite drink: Green Tea, Coffee, cappuchino, Orange juice, Black strong tea.
Favourite meal: Sea kale, cutlets, salad, mashed potatoes with chicken sauce, a hen, soup - borshch (cold) and Defiance Soup
Favourite sweets: Chocolate: Milka, Arion, Tviks, the Pie creamy, Fruitcakes, Pies.
Favourite footwear: Boots, gentleman's shoes, boots on thick soles.
Favourite style in clothes: the Black raincoat, trousers, the Iron chain, crosses.
Favourite colours: it is black-oranzhevyj, black, light grey, flavovirent, white, orange.
Favourite sound: Sounds of the late evening.
Favourite smell: Needles and early morning.
Favourite flowers: the Narcissus, White roses.
Phone: Sony Ericsson W700i, Nokia n95
The girl of dream: In her there should be a kindness and an openness. Love to the nature and a life (well I think about light-eyed , harmonous and style:-D I want!:heart:).
The dream house: the Huge lock in Greece or Scotland, in the middle of dense woods, with a gothic style, and that hills nearby.
Family motto Kains: In all there is a balance, the main thing to find it.


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